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The love that killed bingo

--It is a pits-of-hell-lie.
Love is truly evetlasting,
--It can never (be) stopped.
Love gives birth,
--It does not know death.
Love seeks good,
--It endures bad.
Love relishes in joy,
--It rejects misery.
Love works to heal, 
--It overcomes in hurt.
Love shows mercy,
--It can not be cruel. 
Love enjoy pleasure,
--It causes no pain.
Love rejoice in peace,
--It always prevents war.
Love looks for merit,
--It never sees fault, 
Love always absolve, 
--It cares not for blame.
Love is always pleasant.
--It is never harsh.
Love is patient, 
--It is not hasty. 
Love is kind,
--It is not mean.
Love is generous,
--It does not envy. 
Love is humble,
--it does not boast. 
Love shows modesty, 
--it is not proud. 
Love gives praise, 
--It doesn't dishonor others. 
Love is selfless,
--it is not self-seeking. 
Love shows restraint,
--it is not easily angered.
Love always forgave, 
--it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love rejoices with the truth
--It does not delight in evil.
Love always protects,
--It does not expose.
Love always trusts,
--It is not skeptical.
Love always hopes, 
--It never gives up.
Love always perseveres.
--It never fails.

By Kedrick Lilweti White (Email: