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2017 Photo Album

Pictures from a Road Trip to Nimba County

Nimba County, Liberia, Sunday 19 - Tuesday 21, 2017


The Monrovia - Ganta Highway has been paved all the way from Coca Cola Factory in Paynesville to Ganta Nimba County. The drive took us approximately three hours 30 Minutes.

After filling up the car with gas, we left Monrovia at 11:39 AM. The ride was smooth and enjoyable as we went through the towns along the highway including Mount Barclay, Fendall, Careysburg and 15 Gate in Montserrado County. In Margibe, we passed through Kakata, Tovia, Konola, Clinton and Weala. In Bong County we went through Salala, Wreupu, Frelela, Gbakor Hill, Totota, Blon-mu, Belle-Ta, Donfah, Kollila, Zeansu, Gartala, Suakoko, Gbarnga City, Phebe, Cuttington, Kollila Wluah, Gbatoa, Jennepleta, Palala, Tomato Camp, Mc Gill, Baila, Dukpuyee, Dukia, in Nimba Waintias, Neegbain and finally Ganta.

Ganta is rapidly developing with many mordern and multi floor buildings. Nimbiaians own and operate majority of the businesses in the city. Ganta has 24 hours electricity powered by the West Africa Power Pool (WAPP) that brings electricity into the city from Ivory Coast.

In Ganta, we stayed at Jackie's Guest House. With access to 24 hours electricity, our room was nice and cold, just what one needs to beat the west African heat and mosiqutoe bites during the dry season . The restaurant served goat soup everyday, and the mini mart carried just about any kind of drink you fancy.

Hotel in Ganta City

Ganta City

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