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Interesting Reading: Imaginary tribute by a ghost writer to the late Auditor General, Emmanuel Nyenswa lifted from Facebook

"What have I done to you? Why are you hitting me hard as this"? "A tribute to the late Auditor General, Emmanuel Nyenswa.

I saw a friend. I gave him an opened arm filled with warmed embrace. I was not wrong to have trusted him as a brother. Everything about that fateful night was a conspiracy. I found myself in the hands of my friends, my killers.

They called me out to chill. I was weak and weary. They insisted that I go out. Dreadfully, I wore my pants and got on my car. Was I in search for my death or death was tailing me? Something was actually going wrong but I couldn't figure out. Did I have a thought of accident, yes i had but i conquered it by driving slowly and carefully.

Weirdly tonight, something is just not right! Chill out bro, a friend said as he danced to the beat. The speakers were so loud but I could hear a voice billowing on the sea like a wave telling me: wrong place, wrong time, wrong Association!! And then I asked, what are you saying? Who are you?

The music became the loudest. The speakers are running through my friend's sneakers. A hand pulled me on the dance floor, but it's as cold as ice! I am trying to fathom this but again, let's dance, "tonight is the night to lose control". "You're my only, baby dont be lonely", distraction from another. Oh know, i don't understand what's going on. I am not who i am. I feel a little different than I have ever felt!

What have I done to you?

Hmmm, hummmm, my phone vibrated on the table and guess who's calling? Hey bro, where are you? I am here at KalaB' entertainment center and will soon be leaving. Oh no, you don't have to leave, will soon be there with you guys. Okay, hope so. Hey mehn, drop the phone let's dance. You like phone business too much! The night has fallen deeply. The friend hasn't come. I am leaving, I told the others.

Walking up the slope, I saw dark vehicles around my car. Like, anyone else, I overlooked it cuz it's a club terrain any car could park anywhere. I haven't been happy or very sad. But I have been in dilemma. I just dont know what went wrong but it's not okay as it should be.

Are they tailing me? What have I done?

As i gently opened my car's door, one of the suspicious cars pulled out towards my direction. Again, everyone leaves at their will as they came. I drove out carefully and sped a little. Less than a minute drive, the car next to me sped off towards my direction with a shiny bright light. Watching via the rearview mirror, I saw it speeding toward my way.

Frankly, I tried to engender peace of mind but it's troubling that fateful night. The only hope I had was to get home safely not a change for hope. Didn't know that home has connived, was engulfed by traitors and characterized friends as well.

As I reached the gate, I honked the car softly so as to not have others wakened up at that time of the night. As I entered, I spoke to a friend at home and felt in bed. Again, I recieved another call from a friend. Sadly for me, I walked outside to see him. Two muscular men welcomed and manhandled me in a horrible manner! In a split second, I couldn't breathe! I fought and swung them towards the wall, but the walls couldn't help me! As they hit me from the back, the doors and the walls trembled and frowned! My mouth was stuffed but i streamed and no one could hear me but the floor can bear me testament. Imagine if the walls could talk? It was a horrifying moment for me. My teeth are gnashing! I can't breathe. My breath is being violently snatched away from my body gradually and none of them have realized!! My eyes are terminal red and hanging literally out of the sockets but no one cares. I thought on my friends who became my enemies unknown and later my killers known. I helplessly felt off their hands with just few minutes to give the ghost.

Why are you hitting on me this hard? What have I done to you?
I felt the same hand but with a different feeling. It was gentled as a helping hand I thought. With a breath to take singularly, I was placed on a shoulder and felt like we were climbing my stairs. Life is walking out of my bloodstream completely. The wall, the doors, the stairs and the darkness could better explain to you what went on thereafter. My phone could better explain the events, the circumstances and reality. My blood is on the hands of my friends! The floor could bear me witness, but its life will also be in danger. Someone needs to protect the floor that watched frightful night falls!!

Note: this is an imaginary tribute done by a ghost writer. Sorry if you're captured with emotions. Next episode will be up for Giftee.