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Celebration of the "International Day of Peace", also known as "World Peace Day"

Held at the Brewerville City Hall, Lower Virginia

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Held at Brewerville City Hall, Montserrado County
Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Center for Peace Education (CPE) founded by Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm is a non-governmental organization dedicated to building a comprehensive peace building program in Liberia by teaching mediation and conflict resolution as a means of achieving harmony and a better life for future generations. Since 2009, CPE has been teaching peace education as a subject in several grade schools (public and private) and peer mediation in local communities for youths who cannot afford to go to schools. In all of the schools were CPE is teaching, reported incidents of violence among students have decreased. In fact, school principals have acknowledged a sharp decrease in student suspensions and expulsions since CPE started teaching in their schools. Also, in several local communities, traditional and religious leaders have requested CPE to implement peace education in their communities. For more info please visit:

CPE’s website at / Email: / Telephone: + (231) 7 –Peace-Ed

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