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Requiem Mass and Celebration of the Life of Mrs. Clavender Agnes Railey Browne - May 14-15, 2021

Reflecting on the well lived life of Josiah Nyan Brown, Sr. Sunrise: April 22, 1938 - Sunset: April 9, 2021

National Association of Liberian Business Women & Women Entrepreneurs Installation Program, Monrovia, Liberia

Great Commission Ministries Of Christ International INC 20th Annual International Convocation, April 11, 2021 

Lott Carey Baptist Mission School 95th Graduation Ceremony. Tuesday, March 23, 2021  




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ILUNAFRIQ - Storytelling Platform for Creatives of African Descent

(excerpts from the book, Laughter of a Crazy Man)



Mayo Clinic’s “Herd Immunity” Analyses, Vaccine Hesitancy & My Perspectives

CDC Warning for Travel to Liberia

COVID-19 in Liberia

Level 4: Very High Level of COVID-19 in Liberia

Key Information for Travelers to Liberia

  • Avoid travel to Liberia.

  • If you must travel to Liberia, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel.


In The News

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News Brief: According to MOH sources 302,400 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Liberia on Sunday, July 25, 2021 at RIA. Inoculation will commence on August 5, 2021 accross the country...

UL President To Deliver 26 Day Oration

MONROVIA-The government of Liberia has named Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson Jr, President of the University of Liberia as the orator for this year’s July 26 celebration.

The pronouncement of Dr. Nelson comes four days to the official celebration of the Country’s 174th Independence with no time for the public to checkmate the orator as done in previous years.

Usually, the President of Liberia would announce the name of the orator week or more to the official commemoration of the Independence Day celebration, but this was never the case. Read more...

Gain Of Function (GoF) & COVID-19 Origins: Who’s Lying? (Sen. Rand Paul or Dr. Anthony Fauci?)

By: G. Yanquoi Lavela, Esq.
Doctor of Jurisprudence

On May 11th of this year a YouTube video of an animated exchange between Kentucky Senator Randal Howard Paul and Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci of the National Institute Of Health (NIH) surfaced into the public domain and went viral. No pun intended. Senator Rand Paul is the physician son of former US Senator from Kentucky, Ron Paul, also a medical doctor. He has been very skeptical about the origins of the COVID-19 virus and seems determined and persistent to find out “Whodunit?” At that hearing Senator Paul asked Dr. Fauci very pointed and laser focused questions about whether the National Institute of Health (NIH), headed by Dr. Fauci, has ever funded any Gain Of Function (GoF) studies, using any funds appropriated by the United States Congress, including the Wuhan Lab in China, currently under scrutiny as a possible origin of the COVID-19 virus. Read more...

Survivor narrates nightmare on sinking vessel

The lone survivor of the nine employees of the West African Examination Council that were onboard the vessel NIKO IVANKA that sunk late Saturday, July 17, 2021, near the coast of Marshall City in Margibi County has been recounting his ordeal here.  

“It was by God’s divine grace and not any human effort that I made it through and I also pray that the same grace by which I was successful will extend to my colleagues who have not yet been found, that they will find them”, Mr. Raymond C. Young explains to Joy Fm 101.5 on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, in Monrovia via mobile phone.

“We got to the pearl around 4 pm. The vessel was carrying lots of assorted items from what I did notice, it had cement, those jumbo bags from Cemenco, when I asked one of the crew members, he said they loaded about seven of those trucks onboard. They had rice, two LEC transformers, not those ones on the pole but those big ones that are planted on the ground, there were zinc, four drums of fuel, and other assorted items”, he says. Read more...

House lifts Rep. Yekeh Kolubah’s suspension, but…

The House of Representatives has lifted its suspension imposed on opposition Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, barely 24 hours to the hearing between it and the lawmaker before Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe.

But Representative Kolubah has vowed not to honor the communication coming from the House of Representatives until he gets the ruling from Justice Nagbe.

In a communication signed by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives, Mildred N. Siryon, the House stated that the rights and privileges of Representative Kolubah to receive his salaries and benefits are also restored.  Read more...

Africa’s vaccine crisis: It’s not all about corruption

Domestic failures in themselves do not explain the global inequality of outcomes when it comes to vaccines.

The third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll across the world, with many countries reporting higher than ever numbers of infections and hospitalisations. The good news is that in countries where vaccines are available there are overall lower mortality numbers, affirming that at a community level, vaccines are working. The bad news is that with a conspiracy of international politics, profiteering and domestic complacency, the vast majority of the world’s population remains unvaccinated. As of July 2021, only 25.3 percent of the world’s population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and of the 3.4 billion doses that have been administered worldwide, only one percent has been administered in low-income countries.

We are free-falling into an era of unprecedented inequality, thanks in great part to the poor decisions being taken by the world’s political class. The world was already deeply unequal with poor countries carrying the lion’s share of the global disease burden with sparse resources. But despite assertions that this pandemic would be a great equaliser, it is instead turning out to be an accelerator of inequality. The wealth of the world’s billionaires grew by 45 percent or about $1.3 trillion since the first COVID-19 cases were recorded in China’s Wuhan province in December 2019, yet by United Nations estimates, global unemployment will rise to its highest levels in history with more than 200 million new cases as a direct result of the pandemic. Read more...

At least seven missing after ship sinks off Liberian coast

MONROVIA, July 18 (Reuters) - At least seven people are missing after a cargo ship that had been barred from sailing sank off the coast of Liberia, the country's Maritime Commissioner said on Sunday.

The Liberian-registered Niko Ivanka left the capital Monrovia on Saturday morning for a port in the country's south, despite being under a Liberia Maritime Authority detention order for failing to meet basic safety requirements.

The vessel sent out a distress signal that afternoon notifying the coast guard that it had taken on water, Maritime Commissioner Eugene Nagbe told a news conference. By the time authorities arrived, it had already partially sunk.

"We are commissioning an investigation into how a vessel that was detained for failure to meet rudimentary safety requirements managed to get on the sea with passengers and cargo," Nagbe said. Read more...

TRANSCO CLSG Powers Transmission Lines to Liberia; Set to Commission Sub-stations

MONROVIA – The 225kv transmission line from Man in Cote d’Ivoire into Monrovia has been constructed and energized, the General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed Mulibah Sherif has disclosed. He added that three out of five substations in Liberia, including Yekepa, Buchanan and Mount Coffee substations have been completed and fully energized by TRANSCO CLSG.  

In his official statement presented at the 25th Board of Directors meeting in Abidjan on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, Mr. Sherif said the Man substation, which is the main source of the electricity through the CLSG transmission line has since been energized, thereby providing power to the line into Liberia. Read more...



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No second dose of vaccines

The Minister of Health and head of the Incident Management System, Dr. Wilhemina Jallah, says there is absolutely no second dose of vaccines to be administered to the public, as the nation’s initial stock of 96,000 doses of the AstraZeneca jabs dries out.

“From today, there are no more first and second doses; we don’t have any vaccines for first and second dose”, Dr. Jallah told a weekly briefing at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism in Monrovia Thursday, July 08, 2021. Read more...

Article: Give Liberia a Fighting Chance

The basis of this article stems from the first one in the series: “Common Sense Economics for Liberia”. People are encouraged to read the original piece in this series to help guide their understanding of what these articles intend to achieve. It seems Liberia is stuck in this place of nothingness and total oblivion. Each one of us has a duty of the highest order to lighten a path to get our beloved country back to civilized arrangements. But first, we must lay a foundation that is designed to support the order we seek. Read full article...

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