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Dedication of Newly Renovated Restrooms at Ricks Institute. Renovations sponsored by the Ricks Institute Alumni Association - USA (RIAA-USA)

Painted Glasses by June Ellen - Liberia

Requiem Mass and Celebration of Ambassador Harriett Eleanor Taylor Cooper, Trinity Cathedral, Broad Street, Monrovia, July 15, 2020

Funeral Service for the Late Deacon Christine Valerie Hoff - Williams (Lady Hoff), Effort Baptist Church, Weaver St. Paynesville, Tuesday, June 29, 2020

National Association of Liberian Business Women and Women Entrepreneurs Delivers 500 Mask to the Liberian Market Association, Rally Time Market, Monrovia, May 22, 2020

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African Names

The Africans believe a child takes on 7 characteristics of it's name.



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Land Right Law of 2018 in PDF format...
Who's Who in President George Mannah Weah's Government

Story Time

(excerpts from the book, Laughter of a Crazy Man)


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Fighting the spread of COVID19 - Rotary Club of Sinkor, May 2020

Ricks Institute Alumni Association, USA Presents to Athletic Department Sporting Goods Equipment Totaling $10,000.00 Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Funeral Service of the Late Missionary Conwee Bryant, sister of Richard Freeman of Silver Spring Maryland, held at Mount Zion Christian Church Neevan Town Doewein Clin Owensgrove District, March 14, 2020


Future for Liberia's rubber farmers shaky amid economic woes

The rubber industry in Liberia has gotten so bad that some farmers are cutting down their rubber trees with hopes of producing palm oil instead

GBARNGA, Liberia -- Christopher Reeves has farmed rubber for more than three decades in Liberia, selling his crop to the international tire-maker Firestone, which also operates the world’s largest rubber plantation here. Read more...

Interesting Reading: "Liberia Loses Membership at African Union; Owes US$1.6M

In The News

Defense Minister Warns Of ‘New’ Security Threats From Neighbors

MONROVIA, Sept.18 (LINA) – Defense Minister Rtd. Major General Daniel Dee Ziankahn, has assured Liberians that statements coming from some politicians are mere posturing that does not represent any major security threat to the country.

“I think people are making mole hills appear like mountains,” Minister Ziankahn said when quizzed on the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) Show on the state-run radio Friday regarding statements emanating from politicians in Liberia.

According to Minister Ziankahn, he doesn’t see the coming December 8 Senatorial Election as the biggest test to the democracy of Liberia as perceived by others, stating that the biggest test was the 2017 General and Presidential Elections. Read more...

CPP endorses Edith Goongloe-Weh

Describing the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) primary in the northern Liberian City of Sanniquellie as bad example for Liberian politics, the chairman of the CPP and political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings says the parties would push Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh as their candidate for the pending December 8 senatorial election in that county.

Mr. Cummings explains that the decision to let Madam Gongloe-Weh contest on the CPP ticket in Nimba is part of the numerous sacrifices that the ANC will have to make in keeping the four opposition parties together. Read more...

Currency that never gains gets lifeline from Ghana central bank

The Bank of Ghana sells US dollars to stabilise the cedi and closely monitors foreign-exchange trading.

Ghana's cedi has weakened every year since at least 1994. Now the central bank appears to have drawn a line in the sand, ready to intervene should the currency slip out of the tight range it's held since May.

The Bank of Ghana has sold dollars in the spot and forward markets to stabilize the cedi, and closely monitors foreign-exchange trading to keep speculation to a minimum, according to traders and analysts who spoke to Bloomberg.

The central bank is well-armed with foreign-exchange reserves after a $3 billion Eurobond sale in February. Read more...

West Africa bloc fails to reach agreement with Mali military

Leaders of ECOWAS met heads of Mali's military in the latest attempt to quicken the transition from military leadership.

West African mediators have failed to persuade leaders of a military coup in Mali to immediately hand over power to a civilian government.

On Tuesday, leaders of the 15-member Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) met the heads of a military government that, on August 18, overthrew President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, in the bloc's latest attempt to quicken the transition from military leadership. Read more...

TV replaces teachers for African children amid coronavirus curbs

TV comes to rescue as half of sub-Saharan Africa's children do not have internet access, according to UNICEF.

Five-year-old Kenyan student Miguel Munene sits between his parents, holding their hands as he watches cartoon characters teaching him to pronounce "fish".

The television has replaced Munene's teachers and classmates after the government shut schools indefinitely in March to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. They are closed until at least January. Read more..

Open Letter to Prince Yormie Johnson

To: Prince Yormie Johnson
From: Rufus S. Berry II, MBA

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I don’t expect you to read this right away. In fact, I would suggest that you wait and allow this letter to sit idle for few days until you are ready to hear what I have to say, perhaps on Sunday after church.

I should clarify; I truly and sincerely dislike you for the brutal murder of my brother Emmanuel N. Berry and his three sons, but I don’t harbor ill intent toward you, nor do I desire vengeance or retaliation. My intention in writing this letter is healing — plain and simple.

Mr. Johnson, I’m not sure if you’re even capable of finding yourself emotionally compromised. Nevertheless, I anticipate that this letter will undoubtedly elicit feelings of deep guilt and immobilizing shame, especially as a “pastor”.

Dedication Ceremony; Newly Renovated Restrooms; Wm. V.S. Tubman Bldg. Ricks Institute

In a ceremony held on Monday, August 24, 2020 at Ricks Institute, the Ricks Institute Alumni Association-USA, Inc. (RIAA-USA, Inc.), in collaboration with Ricks Institute Alumni Association-Liberia (RIAAL), turned over the keys of six newly renovated restrooms to the Administration of Ricks Institute. Housed in the William V. S. Tubman Building, the main complex for all classes, these restrooms will service more than 500 students and staff members at the school.

The need for the renovation of the restrooms was observed when RIAA-USA National Chairman, Mr. John E. Scott, II, visited Ricks in 2019. Returning to the United States, he brought this need to the attention of the RIAA-USA Board, and in the spirit of the Ricks mantra “Not for Self but for Others”, this Twenty Thousand US Dollars (US$20,000) Restroom Renovation Project was approved and subsequently launched in March 2020. Read more...

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John's St. Paul Rum

Made in Liberia

JOHN’S ST. PAUL RUM is made from fermented juice of sugarcane grown and distilled on the historic banks of the St. Paul River in Liberia. More...

Painted Glasses by June Ellen - Liberia



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Senatorial Election Day & Referendum - December 8, 2020


Scientists in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and US have developed a $1 test for Ebola and Lassa virus

While countries across the world are battling with the coronavirus pandemic, some African countries, are also battling the outbreaks of deadlier hemorrhagic fever viruses: Lassa virus and Ebola virus.

With the global pandemic draining resources and attention, African countries are facing more challenges controlling outbreaks of these diseases that have been ravaging Africa countries for over 40 years. Read more...


Five Survivors of the Lutheran Church Massacre You Have Not Read About

MONROVIA –July 29, 2020, marked the 30th anniversary of the 1990 St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Massacre, the single worst atrocity of the Liberian Civil War. An estimated 600 people—mainly women and children—were shot and hacked to death by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). The civilians, predominantly Gios and Manos, had gone to seek refuge in the church’s compound on 14th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia, as the war reached the capital. Victims are buried in three locations in the churchyard. Read more...

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