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National Association of Liberian Business Women and Women Entrepreneurs Delivers 500 Mask to the Liberian Market Association, Rally Time Market, Monrovia, May 22, 2020

Fighting the spread of COVID19 - Rotary Club of Sinkor, May 2020

Ricks Institute Alumni Association, USA Presents to Athletic Department Sporting Goods Equipment Totaling $10,000.00 Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Funeral Service of the Late Missionary Conwee Bryant, sister of Richard Freeman of Silver Spring Maryland, held at Mount Zion Christian Church Neevan Town Doewein Clin Owensgrove District, March 14, 2020

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African Names

The Africans believe a child takes on 7 characteristics of it's name.



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Land Right Law of 2018 in PDF format...
Who's Who in President George Mannah Weah's Government

Story Time

The African Passover

(excerpt from the book, Laughter of a Crazy Man)

Matu was amazed at the totally captivated crowd gathered around Botoe. His voice was strong, his presence electrifying and his eyes focused not on the crowd but on the horizon like he saw a vision in the heavens. A few months ago, Daniel Botoe was excommunicated from her Jehovah’s Witness group, and she hated to admit it, but he was the best preacher and evangelist she had ever seen. Read full story...

Two Hateful Brothers

(With Permission from book, Laughter of a Crazy Man)

Nothing could satisfy Zakpa. The great warrior Chief had conquered endless territory but still wanted to control more. He had many sons and daughters but worried they were all lazy and none had the fire and aggression to walk in his footsteps. Read more...

The Baboon and the Boy

(With Permission from book, Laughter of a Crazy Man)

Merma was the most beautiful woman in her country, and many men sought her heart, but she preferred Kai since he alone could bear her bad ways and nasty attitude. She was angry, her words were always bitter and she did not praise or love anyone. Read full story...



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In The News

A Commentary by Kedrick White

It has been said that:
America has failed its people;
Shamed its friends;
Put a smile on the faces of its enemies, and;
Shown the world an
x-ray of itself:
---No regard and sub-care for its elderly and veterans;
---A complete culture of abandonment of parents;
---A national mindset and system to ensure a second class citizens of color with inadequate healthcare, failing schools, and poor rundown communities;
---A glass ceiling exists everywhere except in entertainment, sports, prisons and the cemeteries;
--- A disproportionate number of deaths of people of color that's acceptable without care;
---And sadly, some white evangelicals who would blindly support ANYONE who supports white-ism.

America's major networks should do a report on America's 100,000 convid-19 deaths and compare it to other Countries, and ask why?

Americans should, for just one week, turn off all it's major networks and listen to their local stations, BBC Al jazeera, and networks from other Countries, then
Americans might realize that others are doing far better regarding this fight.

Lets all be safe take care.

Gov’t suspends Weeks’trial

Liberian prosecutors say they are currently in conversation with indicted former Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Executive Governor Milton Weeks to find a common ground in resolving his trial for his alleged role in Liberia’s LRD$16 billion scandal, thereby asking the Criminal Court “C” to suspend the trial for three weeks.

“Movant submits that the burden of providing the indictment drawn against the within named respondent rests on the Movant and where both the Movant and Respondent are endearing to find a common ground on the way forward in resolving the matter to save time, energy and resources, it is proper for an application of this sort to be made so that the parties can have ample time to discuss and reach a peaceful agreement before proceeding,” the State’s motion filed Monday, 25 May reads. Read more...

Her husband died. Then his family shaved her head and made her strip beside his grave

Lagos, Nigeria — For many years, Rose's clothing store was the destination of choice for Lagos women in search of a new outfit for a party or occasion.

She traveled regularly to textile hubs in Turkey to source high-quality fabrics for her clients and her children helped out in the family business on busy days during December festivities.

The small store in Oshodi -- in the heart of the bustling Nigerian city -- did a booming trade until personal tragedy struck the businesswoman in 2015.

Doctors diagnosed Rose's husband with chronic kidney failure that eventually led to his death two years later at the age of 55. Read more...

Pres. Weah Extends Restrictions By Two Weeks …Moves “Stay Home” to 6PM

The Government of Liberia has announced an additional two-week extension of restrictions intended to halt the spread of COVID-19 in the country. 

During the ensuing period, the public is now required to be indoors at 6pm, instead of the previous 3pm. 

President George M. Weah has said the easing of measures became necessary in light of the new global reality and the advice of local health authorities.

Under the updated guidelines, restaurants, stores selling food commodities, dry goods, building materials and electronic appliances, will be allowed to open provided they take in 25% of their full occupancy at a time while observing social distancing.

The President has also instructed the joint security to enforce the mandatory wearing of masks in all public spaces and ensure full compliance. The government will take the appropriate legal action in cases of violation of any these measures.

President Weah has revealed that the new measures will be assessed again in the near future in order to determine their effectiveness and the need for further easing - given the urgency of opening up the economy so that possible shocks from the global pandemic can be mitigated.

Nonetheless, the President also said that the preservation of lives remains the foremost priority of his administration, so any future decisions will be made with that in full consideration.

All other measures and protocols previously announced remain in place. 

The government calls for cooperation of the general public as the country grapples with the enormous threat that Coronavirus poses.

Meanwhile, President Weah has named the Ministry of Labour as exempt and instructed the Minister to designate essential staff to report to work immediately.

Could This Become The World's Newest Oil Exporter?

May 19, 2020 (Baystreet.ca via COMTEX) -- For many years it seemed that Liberia has missed out on the West African oil bonanza - whilst Nigeria has already established itself as the leading oil producer in the Gulf of Guinea and Ghana was about to celebrate the discovery of Jubilee, Liberia was still bleeding from a 14-year civil war. Having allocated substantial parts of its offshore areas to leading majors in the 1st and 2nd licensing rounds, it took several years to iron out all the technicalities of Liberia's exploration and production terms, a period which was dampened by rather pessimistic exploratory drilling results. There is a strange irony in that following more than a decade of leisurely political decision-making Liberia is to push forward with its offshore licensing round with the COVID-19 pandemic raging on and oil prices being at multi-year lows but that is exactly what is going on. Read more...

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Book Review

Available in Paperback, hardback and kindle format on amazon, Books-a-million- price: $18.95, $30.95 and $9.98

Laughter of a Crazy Man is a collection of over 20 thought-provoking upbeat short stories wrapped in side-splitting humor. It opens with a narrative on the Passover celebration of the secretive “Never-Die” church accused of being a sex cult. Read more...





The Greenville Development Association , USA, Inc (GDA) in the spirit of solidarity, unity and concern is once more identifying with our people in Greenville, Sinoe County, Liberia as we collectively and in conjunction with the county's health team combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the city of Greenville, Sinoe County and its environs. Read more...

A Statement of Hope, Harmony, Progress - One Liberia, One People!

The April 22nd Memorial Group (A22MG), envisions an all-embracing Liberia where we can respectfully and genuinely work together hand in hand, in harmony. We envision a Liberia where the last 40 years have served as a lesson to us all in how difficult it is to rebuild: homes, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, farms, Read more....

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