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Open Letter to President George Manneh Weah

6 February 2018

His Excellency George Manneh Weah
The President of the Republic of Liberia
The Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Mr. President:

We the members of Liberian Advocacy for change present our congratulations to you and the members of your cabinet and the Congress for Democracy and Change. We would like to call your attention to a draft Act that has been presented to the Liberian Legislature during the course of the 54th Legislature, for enactment into law. A draft Act entitled “An Act Amendatory Of Certain Provisions Of Part III, Chapters 20, 21 And 22 Of The Alien And Nationality Law To Make Such Provisions Compliant With The Constitution And To Restore Citizenship To Liberians Who Have Lost Their Citizenships Pursuant To Any Such Provisions”.

We would like to thank you for farsightedness in prioritizing the retention of citizenship for Liberians in the diaspora. Liberians in the Diaspora are very concerned about this issue as it affects our ability to contribute to our country of birth and make significant efforts to participate in the rebuilding of our country.

            Mr. President, we would like to bring your attention to an Article published by “The New Dispensation” in February 6, 2013 which stated “An astounding World Bank’s report of 2012 on global remittances reveals, Liberians in the Diaspora out-beat per GDP other Africans living abroad by remitting $378 million in 2012, an increase of $18 million from 2011 remittance of $360 million, a more than 31% of global remittances and third of Liberia’s GDP in 2012.” 

            It further stated that “The Liberian government is under moral and economic obligation as a responsible custodian of the Liberian nation-state to forge a working partnership with its Diaspora community even if it is diagonal to the principles they ascribed to, which in fact are well-intentioned to harness the wealth being remitted into tangible outcome that would be reflected through prism of living better condition of the Liberian people.”

            We would like to thank you for your attention to these statements and many that have been shared in the pending Act before the Legislature and your comments made during your first address to the Nation in which you stated “I believe that most Liberians who are also citizens of another country probably acquired the additional nationality as a means to escape from the terrible atrocities, which characterized our civil conflict, and for economic survival in their new countries of residence. And if conditions now exist in Liberia that make them want to return home and contribute their quota to the development of our common patrimony, then I do not think that it is fair to treat them as non-citizens in the land of their birth.”

            Thank you so much for your attention to this matter and we as Liberians in the diaspora hope that the honorable Legislature collaborate with you in securing the retention of citizenship for Liberians in the diaspora. We have heard your call to all Liberians to participate in the development. We are willing and waiting to help with nation building in the private sectors and non-governmental involvement. May God bless you and bless the Republic of Liberia.




Dr. Eugenia W. Burphy
Liberian Advocacy for Change


Comfort Keah-Itoka
Secretary General
Liberian Advocacy for Change