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Destiny – A True Entertainment Center whose time has come in Liberia

By Ciata Victor

Today I went to the movie, something I have not done in the 11 years I have been in Liberia, not because I don’t like movies, but because there were no real movie theaters to go to.

Well things have changed; today we have Destiny, an entertainment center in the true sense of the word. 

Destiny located on Capitol By-Pass, next to Gender Ministry is a breath a fresh air, a place to escape the blazing afternoon sun and the humidity it brings. 

As I enter the building and asked for the theater, I was handed a sheet of paper that read, “Welcome to the All New Destiny Theaters.” 

Now Showing
Theater 1 – Under World: Blood Wars
Theater 2 – Hidden Figures
Theater 3 – Doctor Strange – 3D
Theater 4 – Fantastic Beast
Theater 5 – Cut to the Chase

Wow, options I thought, as I was ushered up stairs to the 3rd floor.  I did not know what to expect.  I wasn’t sure which movie I wanted to see, The Under World sounded good, and with that said, the attendant opened up the door to Theater 2 and I stepped into a cold air conditioned room, with real comfortable theater seats, red theater curtains and a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall.  As the attendant started the movie, the theater came alive with acoustic surround sound.  I was actually sitting in a real modern movie theater right here in Monrovia. 

The Under World is a vampire movie, it was ok but it was not for me, then Maria the owner came in, she had heard I was in the building and stopped by to say hi. As I shared my excitement for Destiny with her she recommended that I see Hidden Figures, saying it was a good movie she thinks I would enjoy, and she was right. I totally enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed the experience of Destiny, the escape from the afternoon heat but most of all, I enjoy having something to do, that I really, really like, watching a good movie, at an affordable price, in a real cool, comfortable theater. Want popcorn and soda with your movie?  No problem, Destiny has that too. 


Destiny is not just a movie theater; it has a restaurant, a bar, a nightclub,  a pool room, a conference center, a cat walk where pageants and fashion shows are held. It is a great location for wedding receptions, graduation parties, conferences, children and grown-up parties, and with 10 movie theaters with a combine seating capacity of 174 seats, it has something for the entire family.  The Poppay can watch football in one theater while the kids watch their favorite movie in another, and mom and her friends can watch a more grown up movie in yet another theater.  All in the same building, making it truly an entertainment center for the entire family.  Looking for somewhere to hold your next party or event?  Try Destiny. It has something for everyone, including plenty of safe parking and best of all, it’s right on Capitol By-Pass.

Destiny an Entertainment Center whose time has come is adding another dimension to our capital city Monrovia.

To see what’s showing at Destiny Theaters, visit their Facebook page at