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Broadband is Available in Liberia ~ The Launching of The Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) Submarine Cable System

Banjul, The Gambia, December 19, 2012 - Project Status: Delivered

Ciata Victor - Director, CCL and member of the ACE Procurement Group (PG)
Members of the Liberian Delegation in the Gambia at the ACE Submarine Cable System Launch - Eden Charles Reeves, Blidi Elliott, Ciata Victor, Ben Wolo, Angelique Weeks, Kimmie Weeks, Wiliam Saamoi, Kolubahzizi T. Howard and Senator Gbehzohn-Gar Findley

Who am I and what is my role in the ACE Project in Liberia? I am Ciata Victor, Webmaster of TLC Africa and a Board Member of LIBTELCO (2007 - Present).

From the minute Ben Wolo told me about the ACE project in November 2009, I knew I wanted to participate. After all, wanting to help to bring Fiber Optics to Liberia was a key reason I returned home from the United States in 2006.

As a member of the Technical Committee of LIBTELCO's Board, I was asked by Ben in 2009, to take the lead in helping to land a fiber optic cable in Liberia for LIBTELCO.

In February 2010, I became a member of the ACE Procurement Group (PG), the committee in ACE responsible for planning and constructing the system in the individual countries.

In September 2010, I became Project Manager for the first phase of construction of the system in Liberia. In March 2011, I relinquished the Project Manager's position to Mr. Daniel Brewer who took over construction of phase two, allowing me to concentrate on my duties as one of the Directors of CCL.

The Beach Manhole (BMH) and duct system were completed in April 2011, and on November 3, 2011, the ACE Submarine cable landed on Liberia's shore in the South Beach area of Monrovia. In May 2012, the Terminal Station was dedicated by Her Excellency, Madam President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and in August 2012, the technical staff completed training. The system has been tested, certified and approved and the Monrovia station has been operating, 24 hours a day since May 30, 2012. The Cable Consortium of Liberia and the Monrovia Terminal Station are ready and waiting for commercial service date which is scheduled for January 18, 2013. Broadband is available in Liberia.

Bringing Fiber Optic to Liberia was a dream shared by many, and once Ben Wolo identified a cable Liberia could connect to, it wasn't difficult to get others who shared the dream to come on board. Between 2009 - 2012, the ACE project became the largest and most important project I have worked on in my professional career. Bringing ACE to Liberia and West Africa, was a collaborative effort between France Telecom, The ACE Consortium, Alcaltel Lucent, The World Bank, Governments and the Private Sector. It was in this effort that I got to know and work closely with the people involved in the ACE Project in Liberia, as we combined our talents, efforts and resourcefulness to ensure the project success.

How do we feel today, now that the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) system has officially launched? Grateful to have participated, gratified to have delivered and ecstatic for Liberia's future in technology.

Congratulations to everyone involved the ACE Submarine Cable System is launched

~ Broadband is available in Liberia!