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Rotary Clubs in Liberia Celebrate POLIO DAY, October 27, 2018

Rotary Clubs in Liberia District 9101 District Governor official visit 2018/2019 Held at Corina Hotel

Pictures from the Peaceful Citizen Protest in Downtown Monrovia, Sept 24, 2018 "Bring Our Money Back"

Class of 1978, B.W. Harris School, 40th Reunion Celebration, Rockville, MD & Washington DC

Rotary International District 9101 Rotary Clubs in Liberia Membership Seminar Held at Big Treat, Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia, September 7 & 8, 2018

Rotary Club in Liberia Appreciation Dinner for Rotaplast Mission. Held at the Corina Hotel, August 23, 2018

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We are not interested in the PRINTING of the Money, that's the job of Central Bank, what we want to know is, "Where is the missing money?"

Bring Back Our Money - 16 Billion Liberian Dollars
(US 106 Million Dollars)

Instead of Investing in Private Estates

Pave the road from Ganta to Tapita Hospital

View more pictures of the road between Saclepea & Tapita


Poor MCC Score Reduces Liberia’s Chances of Gaining Another Massive US Grant

Monrovia – Liberia is facing its most serious funding challenge since the inception of the George Weah administration and once the current situation is not remedied, the government could most likely struggle to deal with two of its existing challenges.

A new scorecard from the Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC) puts Liberia in the red. The scorecard is the most significant yardstick used to measure the possibility of a developing country to receive a certain grant from the United States government to fund the country’s development programs. Read more...

In The News

Pres. Weah Returns From Paris With Strong Thoughts on Peace

President George Manneh Weah has weighed in on benefits Liberia stands to accrue in maintaining the country’s hard-won peace, reiterating his stance that the world could disintegrate in the absence of peace.

Addressing reporters upon arrival at the Roberts International Airport Thursday, November 15, the Liberian leader called on citizens to strive for peaceful co-existence and to join peoples of the world to sustain global peace, adding, “Our world will not be stable without peace.”

The President said events he attended in Paris, France, marked the centenary of the end of WW1 and that the events were an illustration of compelling global commitment to keeping the world peaceful.

“Every country that participated in the war now wants peace,” the President said. “So, that tells you that peace is essential for our growth.” Read more...

Liberia: President Weah Still Using EBOMAF Private Jet for Presidential Trips

Monrovia – President George Manneh Weah is back flying the private jet given him by his ‘wealthy Burkinabe friend’ after playing it low for several months when the media, particularly FrontPageAfrica, raised concerns of conflict of interest and violation of the National Code of conduct. Read more...

How Nigeria's fear of child 'witchcraft' ruins young lives

Abandonment, persecution, violence: Childhoods lost as young Nigerians are branded as witches. From a distance, the children look like scarecrows as they slowly scour the waist-high piles of rubbish for plastic bottles.

Their ragged clothing hangs loosely from their emaciated frames, their gaunt shrink-wrapped faces are deadened by the drugs they took at dawn.

It is hard to believe that these children are "witches".

And yet this is exactly why several hundred skolombo - or street children - are now living at the Lemna dumpsite on the outskirts of Calabar in southeastern Nigeria.

"My grandmother was sick and her leg became very swollen," says Godbless. "She said I was the one responsible, that I was a witch." Read more...

Supreme Court to Decide Senate Amended Rule 63

Four of the 30 senators yesterday asked the Supreme Court to block the upcoming impeachment trial of suspended Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, citing constitutional issues and errors in the amendment to the Senate Standing Rule number 63.

The senators include Conmany Wesseh, Daniel Naatehn, Milton Teahjay and Oscar Cooper who have requested the Court to declare “the Constitutionality Amendment of the Senate Rules to Provide for Impeachment.”

In that request, the four senators contended that their majority colleagues’ adopted the procedure to enable them to conduct a hearing on the impeachment of Justice Ja’neh because there was no such procedure at the Senate prior to the impeachment of Justice Ja’neh by the House of Representatives. Read more...

“World Unstable Without Peace,” Pres. Weah Opines At UNESCO Forum

Liberia’s President, George Manneh Weah says peace is an essential element for global advancement that provides a positive framework for international cooperation and the enhancement of global trade and commerce.

Continuing to savor company with world leaders in Paris, France, President Weah said without peace the world remains unstable, and he called for global attention and action to the sustenance of peace.

In a statement delivered Monday, November 12, 2018 at the Internet Governance Forum organized by the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Liberian leader said it was time to rekindle a new international spirit toward the attainment of world peace, adding, “The time for war is over. Read more...

Davido to play first Liberian concert

Nigerian pop act Davido will perform at the SKD Sports Complex be in Liberia on 29 November.

The event will also feature performances from, among other Liberian acts, Kobazzie, Christoph, Stunna and DenG.

Already the Liberian media has stoked anticipation for the concert, the Observer writing that the event "would give fans an opportunity to see Davido live, an opportunity that might come once in a lifetime. It is not just about seeing the artist but having the opportunity to take red carpet photos with him as he thrills you with a mesmerizing three-hour non-stop performance."

Davido will be bringing artists on his DMW record label to the concert, which is his first in the West African country. These acts include Peruzzi and Mayorkun, whose debut album is set for release later this month. Read more...

Liberia: Former CBL Board Member Switches Attention Back to Charles Sirleaf In Missing Billion Saga

Monrovia – Liberia’s long haul to establish more details about the alleged missing billions appears to be going in circus with accusing fingers pointing here, there and yonder.

Claims and counterclaims between the former government of Ellen Johnson and George Weah-led administration sparked infuriation, as war-of-words saw political bedfellows become old adversaries. And then it subsided with the ‘GDP jibe’ just before the US government opted to takeover the investigation and determine where the money went or who is responsible?

While fingers are still sporadically being pointed, observers have always kept their attention on the Central Bank of Liberia, which is the statutory arm of the executive branch of government responsible for the printing and circulation of banknotes. Read More...

The Liberian Economy: Free-Fall Or Bad Times?

Monrovia, Liberia- The CDC-led Government since she took power, has always alluded that they inherited a broken economy from the Unity Party-led government of Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Although the government has been in power for over ten months now, the economic crisis facing the country seems to be getting worse by the day. While the opposition are referring to the economy as being in a “free-fall”, the ruling party and officials of government are referring to the crisis as “bad times” and “short occurrences.” The Liberian Billboard, after conducting some in-depth investigations as well as acquiring views from all sides of the Liberian Political spectrum, and ordinary Liberians, reports.

In an appearance at the Liberian Senate last week, Finance Minister Samuel Tweah told Senators during a hearing, that the Liberian economy has grown by 3%, reversing a projected growth of 3.7%. However, the Finance Minister said, the drop in prices of Liberia two highest export commodities (iron ore and rubber) on the world market, intertwined with the withdrawal of the United Nations Missions In Liberia, and a global economic meltdown (which is not clear), have been contributing factors to the current economic crisis facing the country. Read more...

TLC Africa TV

Bring Back Our Money - 16 Billion Liberian Dollars
(US 106 Million Dollars)

Pave the road from Ganta to Tapita Hospital

Public Service Announcement

There is a team of 30 neurosurgeons from the USA, Canada and Nigeria, expected at Jackson F. Doe (JFD) Hospital in Tapita, Nimba County from the 7th to the 22nd of November 2018.

People with accident disability cases, skull injury, spine injury, strokes etc are encourage to take advantage of this opportunity on the dates mentioned.

Requirements: $100 USD for Adults and $50 USD for kids

These amounts will cover labs, CT scan, medication, and handle other cost including food for admitted patients. Signed JFD Administration.

Mrs. Christine Tolbert Norman Clocks 75

Celebrates Birthday with Prayer Breakfast for “Jesus’ love for me, for Liberia and for the Liberian people.” Read more...

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative
is a fully funded leadership programme that aims to provide high potential orphaned students from across Sub Saharan Africa with access to higher education in Japan, the U.S.A. and Europe. DEADLINE: December 16, 2018

Real Estate

Compound for Lease - This beautiful house is available for lease. It has 3 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Bathrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen. It is located on Robertsfield Highway

Number of structures in compound: 4

  1. House with 3 Bedrooms with 3 1/2 Baths, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Garage,
  2. Apartment with one large bedroom
  3. Boys quarters
  4. Generator House with 15KVA Generator

The compound is fenced in, located near the beach in a good neighborhood and is located off Robertsfield Highway.

For information call 0886-913-931 or contact TLC Africa by email at ciatavictortlc@gmail.com to express interest


Beach property for sale!

Include 6+ lots of land fenced with structures:  A Beach Club House (2 bedrooms & 2.5 baths), 10 room beach lodge (10 baths), and 2 water wells.

The property is located in Kendeja, near RLJ Hotel, off Robertsfield Highway in Paynesville. Offer and Negotiations welcome.


Moriah Inn "Home away from home ~ Short-term stay - Daily * Weekly * Monthly ~ Details....